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Abbie Hoffman     $15.00
Abbie Hoffman
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Abbie Hoffman was a leader of the political Yuppie movement and a member of the Chicago Eight.

The origin of this check was described by our source as follows:

My dear friend Kate was at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Holland, PA one blistery March day of 1988.  While standing in line waiting for her turn, Kate happened to glance around and notice none other than Abbie Hoffman.  Being a true fan, she immediately went over and engaged him in conversation.  She had wanted his autograph for quite a while and began talking about his political and social activist plights as well as his role in co-founding the Youth International Party ("Yippies").  As the clerk had called for the next in line, disturbing their discussion; Kate reminded Abbie of her interest in his autograph.  When Abbie asked her for a slip of paper to autograph, Kate stared blankly and empty handed at him.  He just kind of smirked and reaching into his pocket produced his check book and began to write a check.  As he handed the check to Kate she looked at it and then back at Abbie dumbfounded with eyes agape.  He simply said to her "You've mentioned that you've always wanted my autograph.  Well, now you have it.  Unless, of course, you cash that check."  He then turned and walked away.

At that time, Kate had a friend who worked in New York at Manufacturers Hanover -- the bank on which the check was drawn.  It was confirmed that it was indeed Mr. Hoffman's account and that is was active.  Kate never cashed the check.

This Abbie Hoffman autograph check reproduction would look great in a display.


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