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Adolf Hitler (1)     $75.00
Adolf Hitler (1)
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Adolf Hitler was a former house painter who became the military commander and tyrannical leader of Nazi Germany.  Many believe that Hitler was the most evil man of the twentieth century.  This Adolf Hitler check reproduction is a rare image of  sight draft  issued in Stuttgart, Nov. 28, 1929, payable to Daimler-Benz in the amount of RM 3,000.

The draft is made payable by Hitler's placing his full signature (vertically) at left.  This sight draft was endorsed on the reverse side by Daimler-Benz , Deutsch Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft, and Reichsbankhauptstelle.

Financial documents signed by Hitler are rare.  This sight draft is for an automobile purchase.This Adolf Hitler autograph check reproduction is suitable for an album or collection of memorabilia.

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Adolf Hitler (1) Adolf Hitler (1)  

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