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Albert Einstein (2)     $15.00
Albert Einstein (2)
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Autographed letter in German by Einstein dated December 26, 1936. A rejection letter to a man who had submitted a manuscript for Einstein's review and hopeful recommendation for publication. Einstein writes in full: "I cannot recommend your manuscript for publication, because it does not relate to the essence of the theory. Indeed, it is even wrong that it was named Relativity Theory. The term is justified only as it refers to movement in a sense of movement relative to something else, and that the considerations are based on consequent application of this simple fact. However, the matter has nothing to do with the superficial declaration ‘everything is relative.' To begin with, it is correct that every reasonable statement expresses a relation. This is even evident from the linguistic construction of every sentence. However, the relation expressed in a (complete) statement always requires absolute meaning. This actually is a matter of fact. Naturally, this also applies to the Theory of Relativity and all statements contained therein. It is not at all a philosophical theory, but a purely physical one. It is an attempt to theoretically describe a certain group of phenomena in a more satisfactory manner than implied by earlier theories. The talk that this theory is particularly difficult to grasp is also pure nonsense, originally introduced by superficial journalists. I regret not being able to fulfill your request and remain with best regards."

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Albert Einstein (2)    

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