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Alexander Majors     $15.00
Alexander Majors
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Alexander Majors was one of three men who founded the iconic Pony Express.  Majors founded the Pony Express in Kansas City, Missouri with William Hepburn Russell and William B. Waddell.  Their goal was to secure a federal contract for mail service between Missouri and California that was held by Butterfield Overland Mail.  Majors and his partners had ambitions to reduce mail delivery time between those points from 25 days to 10 days.  Their ambitions were thwarted by the development of the telegraph in 1861.  Majors then began working for the Transcontinental Railroad and was present when Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University, nailed the Golden Spike, signaling the completion of the railroad and cross-county transporation. 

Elizabeth Arnold Stone in her book From Uinta County (Wyoming) Its Place in History writes:
“On the tenth of May, 1869, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific met at Promontory, Utah. Among those who witnessed this historic event was a youth by the name of Ben Majors. In a letter to the author, written from his home in Headrick, Oklahoma, July 2, 1922, he says that he stood at the side of his father, Alexander Majors, that veteran freighter who had done more than any other man in the field of overland transportation, and to whom the driving of the golden spike commenting the eastward with the westward track was the consummation of the dream of a lifetime. Both father and son had taken their places in the active army of railroad builders.They had constructed two miles of grade east of Green River, had furnished the piling for the bridges across Green River and Bear River, and had supplied six thousand cords of wood and one hundred thousand ties.Mr. Majors was sixty-five years old at this time.He remained in the West for many years and showed his faith in its future by promoting the development of every legitimate industry.He was well known in Evanston during the ‘70s and ‘80s.  After entering Uinta County the course of the Union Pacific is almost due west as far as the junction of the Muddy with Black’s Fork.”

 This Alexander Majors autograph check reproduction is sure to become a valued part of your collection to enjoy for years to come.

Alexander Majors    

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