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Annie Besant     $45.00
Annie Besant
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Annie Besant Autograph

An Annie Besant autograph is coveted by collectors becuase she was one of the earliest proponents for women's rights.  In early as 1877 she published a book about birth control by Charles Knowlton.  The notariety surrounding the book catapulted Annie to fame.  She became involved in many other social reforms including the Bloody Sunday demonstration, the London matchgirls strike of 1888, the Fabian Society, and the Social Democratic Federation.  Annie carried her agenda to India where she cofounded the Central Hindu College at Benares. Besant was selected Pesident of the Theosophical Society and gravitated towards Hinduism and independence of India from Great Britain.   Her husband, Frank Besant, was vicar at Sibsey, England for his entire life.  A political division between Annie and her husband led to their separation in 1873.

After her marital separation, Annie began earning a living by writing a column for the National Reformer.  The National Reformer represented the National Secular Society.  Annie was a popular speaker and traveled the country to give speeches on a variety of subjects.  Annie developed a close relationship with writer George Bernard Shaw.  At one time she invited Shaw to live with her and Shaw invited Annie to join the Fabian Society.  Annie became involved in worker issues and spoke at a protest held in Trafalgar Square.  The protest turned into a confrontation with police that had several casualties.  The event became known as Bloody Sunday.

Annie also stood up for female workers at Bryant and May's match factory in Bow, England, who were paid substandard wages because of their gender.  They were alsom exposed to diseases such as Phossy jaw resulting from chemical used to manufacture matches.  Annie's actions helped expose their plight and enlist public support.  Within a short period of time the factory officials increased their wages and improved their work conditions.  Annie's victory was a major accomplishment.

Annies school for boys at Varanasi at the Central Hindu College was a major undertaking.  It began operations in October 1917.  Its goal was to trai the future leaders of India. 

Annie Besant autographs are few and far between.  This example of a signed receipt is particularly desirable because if its association with the Central Hindu College in Benares, India, a purpose that she pursued with passion.  This Annie Besant autograph reproduction would make a great addition to an album or for display.

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Annie Besant    

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