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Modern Check Design
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Thomas J. Watson and his Autograph
Thomas J. Watson is synonymous with International Business Machines (IBM). His autograph is coveted by collectors around the world.
The Joy of Autograph Collecting
The joy of autograph collecting reflects its extension as a human connection. One of the most personal of human attachments is a name, and a person's autograph is an extension of this attribute. No matter how you collect autographs or how much you pay to acquire a prized signature, you also become...
Care and Display of Autographs
Important tips for the care and display of autographs.
Autographs from J.D. Salinger
Autographs from J.D. Salinger are among the most coveted by collectors. Facsimile checks of J.D. Salinger are affordable conversation pieces that are fascinating when displayed at home or office.
Archival Preservation of Autographs
Archival preservation of autographs is important for maintaining your collection. Here are the key principles to follow to maintain your autograph collection.
Secretarial Autographs
Secretarial autographs can frustrate autograph collectors. How do you know if the autograph you received was signed by a secretary? Some celebrities insist on providing their authentic signatures to collectors; others customarily have their secretary or a family member sign their name.
Princess Diana Autographs
Princess Diana autographs are among the most sought autographs of royalty. It was rarely obtainable in any form and only friends from her inner circle were privy to letters and photos bearing her signature.
Celebrity Fortunes Made and Lost
Celebrity fortunes made and lost are revealed by personal checks and autographed letters and documents.