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Autograph Price Guides  

Autograph Price Guides

Autograph price guides have given collectors a means for evaluating the value of their collection and a logical approach for selling or buying autographs.

Comprehensive price guides are available in printed format and can be very useful to collectors who want a general idea of prices. However, serious collectors need to understand that since the autograph marketplace changes rapidly, printed guides are often outdated by the time they come to print.

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Autograph price guides are comprehensive, covering notable figures in entertainment, literature, military, music, politics, science, sports, and much more. In addition, specialized price guides exist for entertainers, sports, science, and a variety of other subjects. There are even price guides for individual sports such as baseball, basketball, car racing, football, and hockey.

A price guide for checks autographed by notable personalities is included in The Complete Guide to Check CollectingThis guide won the prestigious George M. Wait Prize sponsored by The Society of Paper Money Collectors.

For autograph collectors, sellers, and buyers interested in market prices, a variety of Internet sites have up-to-date prices. While comprehensive guides are helpful, don't expect them to have every important are historically significant personality. When demand requires, new updates will probably incorporate personalities that were previously not included. Also, remember that price guides are only estimates. For example, a signed Albert Einstein photograph may be valued between $4,000 to $6,000; but a unique iconic photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue that was inscribed to ABC newsman Howard K. Smith sold at auction for over $74,000.

Some price guides may also have representative exemplars of signatures that can be useful in authenticating your autograph. A large number of websites dedicated to autographs also have a variety of signature examples as well as articles of interest to individuals who wish to buy or sell autographs.

Reputable price guides represent historical prices of autographs on a very general basis. Autograph collectors need to consider the benefits and limitations of price guides when buying and selling autographs.