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Autograph Reprints  

Autograph Reprints

Autograph reprints make fabulous display pieces

Many people are fascinated by items autographed by famous celebrities. Imagine having a handwritten letter from George Washington on display in your waiting room. Or how about a photo signed by Albert Einstein framed with his check made payable to the Internal Revenue Service?


Framed displays with reprints of famous celebrities are sure to generate interest and discussion. Often these items serve as fascinating conversation pieces that facilitate interest and rapport. Reprint displays are ideally suited for many professional offices, including medical, dental, and legal offices. Professional quality framing with proper matting and tasteful designs can have a stunning high-class appearance.

The clear advantage of reprints is that you have the benefit of the appearance of the original autograph without the downside of loss due to damage or theft. It's like having a high quality reproduction of a famous artist without the expense of the original. The visual effect is the same, but the exposure for loss is minimal.

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Professional quality reprints can be obtained at bargain prices compared to original photos and documents. Several Internet sites offer stock photos of reprints that can be matted and framed. They may consist of portraits, documents, and letters that are either handwritten or typed. Unless carefully scrutinized outside the frame, quality reprints can look virtually identical to an original. Many buyers prefer choosing matting material and frames to coordinate color and design elements.

Reprints of autographs are great for designers, collectors, and individuals who need a unique and low-cost display piece. Ask yourself: whose autograph would I like displayed in my office or home? Chances are the autograph of your famous celebrity is waiting for you online.