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Autographs and Checks  

Autographs and Checks

Autographs and checks go hand in hand. Autographs on checks are likely to be genuine, and checks provide interesting information about the checkwriter. How does one obtain checks signed by celebrities? What celebrity autographs are available on checks? How can I sell checks signed by famous celebrities?

Autographed checks from some of the biggest names in Hollywood are out there! Autographs from many historic figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Bobby Fischer are available to collectors.

For those collectors who like autographs and checks but prefer not having the expense and the headache of carefully watching over originals, we will teach you what it takes to build a quality collection of autograph reproductions. The sky is the limit!

Many collectors of memorabilia like having quality reproductions to serve as an example to auhenticate original autographs. Many collectors prefer framing a quality reproduction in a quality frame that helps make it look and feel like the real thing. If your autograph reproduction should ever be stolen, the crook will be embarrased and you will chuckle until the cows come home.

Autographs and checks appeal to a growing number of autograph collectors. Here are some informative articles about autographs and checks.