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Bank of England (3)     $15.00
Bank of England (3)
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Bank of England Check

The Bank of England, also known as The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, is one of the oldest banks in the world.  It is also known by the metonym Old Lady.  The bank was conceived by William Paterson in 1691 and established in 1694 by the Earl of Montagu to serve the government of England as a depository of funds and reservoir to pay expenses.  The Bank of England still serves the English government in much the same way as it did 300 years ago.  Since 1734, its main headquarters has been located on Threadneedle Street in the heart of the financial district of London, England.

The Bank of England was set up as a privately owned institution.  However, in 1946, it became subservient to the Treasury Solicitor, and nationalized by the English government in 1946.  Since 1997, the Bank of England has been operated by the Treasury Solicitor for the benefit of the English government.

The Bank of England has issued banknotes in England and Wales for the past 300 years.  The original notes were handwritten financial instruments.  From 1725, the notes have been partly-printed.  Cashiers typically sign the notes and make them payable to another party.

Since 1997, the Bank of England has independent monetary policy.  In this context, it sets interest rates according to government policy, maintains stability of prices, and supports fiscal policy of the government of England.  In 2007, the bank used its tremendous financial resources to avert the subprime mortgage crisis.  Their role in this debacle helped reduce the shock of this worldwide  financial crises.

This Bank of England Public Revenue transfer check would make a wonderful addition to an album or to a framed display.

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