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Charles Otis     $15.00
Charles Otis
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Charles Otis was one of two sons of modern elevator inventor Elisha Graves Otis (1811-61).  Elisha was master mechanic who worked in Yonkers, New York.  Elisha developed a safety brake in 1852, that revolutionized vertical passenger and freight movement. Elisha formed the E. G. Otis Company and began selling his safety elevator systems in 1853. The company was based in Yonkers NY, and remained there until 1983.  A portrait of Elisha Otis is shown below.

After the death of their father, Elisha Otis's two sons, Charles R. Otis (1835-1927), who was named president, and Norton P. Otis (1840-1905), treasurer, announced a new name for the firm, Otis Brothers & Company in 1867. Backing them financially was their silent partner John Hubbard. In 1880 a new management team took over, under William F. Hale of the William F. Hale & Company of Chicago, Illinois, which utilized a hydraulic system. The Hale firm had been acquired by the Otis Brothers. Hubbard, the sllent partner, sold his stock that same year. Hale was named president of the company, after having bought Otis stock and patents with the help of his financial backers. The Otis brothers, who resigned, were hired as consulants. Meanwhile, Charles and Norton Otis became emeshed in a nasty lawsuit with their former backer, John Hubbard, who claimed that they fraudulently lowered the value of the company stock in order to buy him out. Charles Otis lashed back, screaming "shyster lawyers" and "blackmail." About the same time Otises ended their associaton with the firm.

The Otis Elevator Company now has over 62,000 employees an annual frevenue of about $12 billion.  The Otis Elevator Company has over 1.6 million elevators operating around the world.

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Charles Otis    

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