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Civil War Riot Check     $15.00
Civil War Riot Check
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Civil War riot check issued by New York City in comopensation for property danage to a Manhattan Police Station caused by the epic chaos.  The payee, evidently a tradesman who made repairs.  In the four days and nights, about 1,200 deaths occurred, as thousands of anti-draft rioters engulfed Gotham, the worst rioting in U.S. history up to that time.  Thirteen Army regiments - the first rushing from the Gettysburg Battlefield - and others , were required to restore order.  Captain John Mangin, later police chief of Yonkers Police in the Cohasco Buidling, was severely injured in quelling the riots.  This Civil War riot check reproduction would make a great conversatyion piece.  It could be displayed in an album or display.



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