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Displaying Autograph Checks  

Displaying Celebrity Autographs

Displaying celebrity autographs needs to be done in an archival and tasteful manner. Autographs presented in framed displays can be very attractive. A framed autograph arranged in a proper mat can be a captivating visual display. The personal touch of autographed memorabilia is certain to stimulate visual interest and conversation.

An autographed document such as a signed check or contract can be matted with a photo of the associated personality. A Babe Ruth cancelled check matted with a photo of the baseball legend, or a cancelled check of Marilyn Monroe that is matted with an attractive photo of the Hollywood actress, make wonderful display pieces.

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Properly matted and properly framed, displaying celebrity autographs can provide a secure and safe environment for your autograph. The matting should be acid-free and the autograph positioned within the mat board without any permanent adhesive glue or tape. Many tapes or glues will damage the autographed paper in a matter of time. The paper autograph should also not contact the glazing of the frame. Condensation on glazing in contact with paper may lead to the formation of water spots on autographs.

Many people use autograph facsimiles or quality reproductions in framed displays. A facsimile of an autographed document can have the appearance and feel of the original. A huge advantage of using a quality reproduction is that the risk of significant loss is negligible; if the autographed reproduction is lost, stolen or damaged, the owner does not suffer the financial and emotional loss of an original piece. In addition, a quality autograph reproduction can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of an original autograph.

Companies that offer stock images often offer reproductions of autograph documents that can be used for displays. Fortunately, quality stock photos can usually be obtained at reasonable cost. Some companies offer certificates of authenticity that attest to the genuine character of the original document from which the copy was obtained. When properly matted and framed, a quality autograph reproduction can look like the original and provide many hours of fascination and enjoyment.