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Entertainment Autographs  

Entertainment Autographs

Entertainment autographs have always been popular. People are fascinatated by their favorite stars and collecting their autographs has been a traditional undertaking for many decicted fans. Lucky for Hollywood movie buffs of the Golden Age of Hollywood, many of their favorite stars were prolific signers and their autographs are available on the autograph marketplace.

Photographs of Hollywood stars have been keenly sought by collectors of entertainment autographs. Many of the classic photos taken by George Hurrell and Clarence Bullock command sky high prices, especially when they are autographed by movie stars. Movie stars inscribed many of these great photos to family and friends. Rather than using a modern-day Sharpie, many of these Golden Age photos were signed with a fountain pen. Many fans much prefer an autograph with a fountain pen over a felt-tipped marker like a Sharpie.
Clark Gable Autograph Photo

Clark Gable autographed this photo with a fountain pen. Gable is considered one of the all-time most handsome leading men of Hollywood.

Celebrity autographs from the Golden Age of Hollywood may also be found on old contracts. Autographs from some celebrities are most comminly available on signed photos or album pages. Their autographs may be uncommonly found among old business contracts. Take for example the rare autograph of Hollywood mogul and aviator Howard Hughes. Except for a few occasional contracts and personal letters to Jean Peters, his autograph is almost impossible to obtain.

Autographs from famous Hollywood celebrities may also be occasionally found on personal and business checks that were signed by famous Hollywood stars. Many of their checks have been recovered from through estate sales and business trash bins into the hands of collectors.

Cast and crew members from classic television shows are highly coveted by collectors. I Love Lucy autographs are widely collected as are autographs from The Twilight Zone.

Entertainment autographs have captivated fans of Hollywood since the early days of theater and film. They never seem to go out of style despite generatuons of new stars and new fans.

The glitz of Hollywood shines on autographs of its most sensational celebrities. We have assembled some of the best examples of autographs with the permission ofFamous Celebrity Autographsfor your interest. All of the autographs displayed in the links that follow originate from checks signed by famous celebrities.


Bruce Lee Autograph
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Clark Gable Autograph
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James Dean Autograph
John Wayne Autograph
Larry Fine Autograph
Lou Costello Autograph
Rock Hudson Autograph
Rudolph Valentino Autograph
Shemp Howard Autograph
Steve McQueen Autograph
W.C. Fields Autograph
Zeppo Marx Autograph


Agnes Moorehead Autograph
Anna Nicole Smith Autograph
Audrey Hebpurn Autograph
Ava Gardner Autograph
Clara Blandick Autograph
Dorothy Stratten Autograph
Grace de Monaco Autograph
Greta Garbo Autograph
Hazel Court Taylor Autograph
Irene Ryan Autograph
Joan Crawford Autograph
Judy Garland Autograph
Katherine Hepburn Autograph
Lucille Ball Autograph
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