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How do I obtain my purchased image? 

Once your payment is received our staff will submit your order to one of our third party printing vendors. You may be contacted if our staff has any questions regarding your order.  Your reprint will have a surrounding white border that you may crop or use for matting and display purposes. If you have any special requests regarding prints, please contact us before your order is sent to you.  

How can I use your printed images?

Our reprinted images may be used for framed displays, reports, and presentations.  We know a doctor who has a fascinating collage of checks framed as a display on the wall of his waiting room.  You may not reproduce our printed images, either in whole or in part, and resell them.

Will the watermark be on the image I purchase?

No.  The digital watermark is added to discourage theft.  The reprint delivered to you after purchase will not have any watermarkings.  The typical digital watermark is "Property of FamousChecks".  We stamp a copyright notice on the back of the reprint.

What will my autograph reprint look like?

Unless otherewise stated in the description, your autograph image is a high quality reprint that is printed in a matte finish on high quality photo paper.  As stated above, your quality reprint will not have any watermarkings.  A copyright notice is stamped on the back of the reprint.  Your image will have a border that is useful for matting in a display, but this may be cropped.  Please contact us if your have special requirements. 

What is the size of the reprinted image and what type of paper do you use?

The printed image is exactly or close to the size of the original image.  We use high quality premium picture paper.

Why was my credit card rejected?

Check your address carefully.  Incorrect billing addresses are the most common problem when ordering through the internet.  Punctuation should not be used in your address details.  For example, 14 Riverside Dr. not be accepted through our system.  However, 14 Riverside Drive would be fine.

Sometimes you will receive a "declined general" message appear on the screen when making a credit card order.  This does not usually indicate a problem with your credit card, but more likely with the details that you have entered (eg incorrection expiration date).  This problem can also be due to several reasons:

- Unusual or unusually large transaction.

- The issuing banks server was down/unavailable for some reason.

- The issuing bank flagged the transaction for referral.  Internet transactions that are flagged are usually automatically declined.

- The issuing bank declined if a credit card has been used several times in one day for Internet transactions.

I used PayPal Express and the transaction failed, why?

There are many reasons who you received a failed message.  A common error is that your PayPal account is not verified and you have hit the spending limit for an unverified account.  We encourage you to verify your account with PapPal.

What is you refund or return policy?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for our reprints.  Choose your selections with care.

I can't log in / I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can retrieve your username and password by typing your e-mail address on the
Forgotten Password page. After submitting the form you should receive your account information shortly. Please take a close look and try again. Make sure you have cookies enabled and your firewall settings are OK. If you don't receive your account information, please Contact Us. You may need to change your e-mail address.

How can I change my username / password?

Unfortunately you can't change your username. You may login to your account and change your password. Type the same new password twice and it will be changed.

Where do you acquire your original checks and other documents?

Many of our original checks come from a celebrity or from fellow collectors. Those of us who collect checks and financial documents have a deep sense and appreciation for history and an abiding respect for the people whose autographs we collect. We feel enormously priviliged to have access to and work with, every day, such a glorious collection of documents written by exceptional people of history. Their achievements sustain our appreciation of the past and hope for the future.

I have an autograph that I would like to sell.  Would you buy it?

We buy autographs all the time.  If you have one or an entire collection you would like to sell for reliable fast cash, contact us.  We buy all types of autographs - from letters to documents.


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