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George Gallup     $15.00
George Gallup
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George Gallup was a public opinion statistician.  Gallop became a pioneer in the scientific sampling of public opinion.  His organizations analyzed public opinion for a wide variety of subjects ranging from birth control, political candidates, and economic issues.  Gallp was born in Iowa and achieved his college and graduate education at the University of Iowa.  He subsequently taught at the University of Iowa, Columbia University and Drake University.

Gallup's early studies were to determine which magazine ads drew the most attention from readers.  He went on to join the advertising form of Young and Rubicam in New York City as head of marketing and research.  Gallup developed several forms of survey techniques including the coincident method and the impact method.  These techniques were used to analyze the effectiveness of ads in television and newspapers.

Gallup applied his techniques to research story ideas for the movie studies.  His applications considered scenarios involving different actors and actresses, effect of publicity, and the information gleaned from previews.  Gallup worked with many prominent figures in Hollywood including David O. Selznik, Samuel Goldwyn, and Walt Disney.  Gallup also conducted resrach for television programs, including the phenomenally successful The Best Years of Our Lives.

Gallup founded the American Institute of Public Opinion in Princeton, New Jersey.  This organization later became The Gallup Organization.  His organization refused surgery requests by paid sponsors to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest.  In 1936, Gallup and other public opinion organizations correctly forecast the political victory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt over rival Alfred Landon for president of the United States.  Gallup's successful assessment was conrary to the prediction of the thehn-popular Literary Digest.  The Gallup Organization skyrocketed to national recognition.

The Gallup organization consists of 2,000 employees working in over forty locations across the globe.  The autograph of George Gallup is a tribute to public trust in one of the most reconizable names in America.

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George Gallup    

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