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George Washington Lottery Tickets and Signed Checks  

George Washington lottery tickets and signed checks are historic mementos that can be stunning pieces for display in a home of office.

Lottery tickets autographed by Washington and his signed checks reflect his interest in business affairs. Washington was a brilliant businessman who was one of the richest men in America. Washington's financial legacy is described in the book Money Secrets of the Rich and Famous.

When a group of entrepreneurs joined together to build a Mountain Road to areas of Bath County, Washington decided to participate. A lottery was organized to raise funds for the project. George Washington was designated as manager of the ambitious lottery. Although the lottery proved unsuccessful, lottery tickets autographed by Washington were kept by many participants and passed on to generations of collectors.

Similarly, checks signed by President Washington are coveted by collectors. Original and replica checks signed by the first American President are often displayed in homes and offices. Checks signed by Washington have been so desired that famous forgeries are now selling in the thousand of dollars. For safety and security reasons, reproductions of checks signed by President Washington are preferred over originals for creating impressive and artful displays.

George Washington autographed lottery tickets and his signed checks can be viewed on the Internet. Printed tickets of the Mountain Road Lottery are individually numbered with Washington's elegant and clear signature as "G Washington." Reproductions of these historic treasures generate curiosity and interest in the man identified as the "father of his country."

Go to for George Washington lottery tickets and signed checks. This website is a great resource for autograph collectors and is filled with informative articles. The book Money Secrets of the Rich, has financial biographies of George Washington and many other celebrities.