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Golda Meir     $75.00
Golda Meir
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Golda Meir writes in Hebrew as Golda Meyerson, Minister of Labour, tyo Devora and Shraga Netza.  Her letter is profoundly revealing.  Gold Meir states that she is not interested in David Ben-Gurion's propisal to nominate her to become secretary of the Mapai Party.  Meir states, ""Truthfully and honestly, I would like to take leave from political life to become free, to be able to use public transportation without being chaufered and above all, that I should be able to control my own time with Sarah.  I would like to iron and to clean the house be myself.  And furthermore, I would like to withdraw from political life voluntarily before some will say, 'In God's name, when will this old woman understand that her time has arrived for her to get lost."

Meir's letter expresses her ardent desire to live a simple, normal life.  However, her desire to serve her country will eventually lead to become the 4th Prime Minister of Israel.  This letter is a wonderful addition to any library collection, and a wonderful addition to a Golda Meir signed check..


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Golda Meir    

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