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Henry Elling Banker     $15.00
Henry Elling Banker
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Henry Eller operated a pioneer bank at 201 West Wallace Street in Virginia City, Montana, when Montana was a territory and not a state.  Elling himself was born in Germany and came to the United States as an orphan when he was about 15 years of age.  Elling earned enough money whil working in Denver, Colorado, to start a mercantile store in Virginia City, Montana Territory.  He opened another mercantile store in Helena, Montana Territory in 1864.  Henry also traded in the gold dust conversion business.  His business activity was highly successful until prices dropped.  Elling's businesses failed and he was forced to leave Montana Territory.

After regaining sufficient capital, Elling moved back to Virginia City, Montana Territory, where he opened another store and established the Henry Eller Banking House.  His expertise in gold dust was a huge advantage since he could tell the origin and purity of gold dust by examining the color and other characteristics of the precious material.

During his business career Elling became a highly successful.  He was a partner of S.R. Buford and Company in a huge ranch, partner in the Hyndman flour mill, partner in a quartz mill, partner in mining operations, and partner in a hardware business.  Elling also became one of the largest landwoners in Madison County, Montana Territory.

In 1899, the Henry Eller Banker was reorganized as the Elling State Bank that continued to operate about thirty years after his death in 1900.


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