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Henry Plitt     $45.00
Henry Plitt
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U.S. military serviceman and later entertainment mogul Henry Plitt singlehandedly captured the notorious Nazi propagandist, Julius Streicher. Plitt later said, "After bringing Streicher back to Berchtesgaden I stopped at my regimental headquarters to notify them I was bringing him reporter came up to me and he said, "you know, you just killed the greatest story of the war." I said "how?" He said, "can you imagine if a guy named Cohen or Goldberg or Levy had captured this arch-antisemite, what a great story it would be?" I said "why?" He said "because a Jew would be doing this." And I told him "I'm Jewish," and that's when the microphones came into my face and the cameras started clicking away and things started to happen that changed the rest of my life." This Henry Plitt signed check reproduction would look great in an album or display.


Henry Plitt    

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