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James H. Roosevelt     $15.00
James H. Roosevelt
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James H. Roosevelt composed this document dated 1859, where he has written and signed a release of real estate to be used for the Roosevelt Hospital.....written four years before his death, Roosevelt was putting together his plans for a state of the art Hospital to help the inflicted. James Henry Roosevelt and John D. Keating have signed the document. The closing of this document, dated a few years later, in 1866, shows the release of this property to the Roosevelt Hospital...signed by George T Trimble and John D. Keating.Document is two pages, worthy of the finest New York City collections.

James Henry Roosevelt (November 10, 1800 – November 30, 1863) was an American philanthropist who, by bequest, founded Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. He was born in New York to Catherine (Byvanck) and James Christopher Roosevelt, a grandson of Jacobus Roosevelt, the founder of the Hyde Park branch of the Roosevelt family. James H. Roosevelt graduated from Columbia College in 1819 and studied law, but was unable to practice due to delicate health.

He inherited a modest fortune and expanded it by prudent investments and simple living. He died in 1863, and his will left most of his estate, including property, to found Roosevelt Hospital, which was opened on November 2, 1871. On the tablet that is placed to his memory in Roosevelt Hospital is inscribed: “To the memory of James Henry Roosevelt, a true son of New York, the generous founder of this hospital, a man upright in his aims, simple in his life, and sublime in his benefaction.”

A sufferer through most of his life, his mind was naturally drawn out in sympathy for those as afflicted as himself, and whose condition was even more pitiable because destitute of the means of comfort he enjoyed. Most of his personal estate he therefore left " in trust to the several and successive presidents ex officio, for the time being, of the respective managing boards of those five certain incorporations in the city of New York, known as The Society of the New York Hospital, The College of Physicians and Surgeons, The New York Eye Infirmary, The Demilt Dispensary, and The New York Institution for the Blind,' and to the Honorable James I. Roosevelt, Edwin Clark, Esq., John M. Knox, Esq., and Adrian H. Muller, Esq., all of New York, for the establishment, in the city of New York, of a hospital for the reception and relief of sick and diseased persons, and for its permanent endowment."

The act incorporating the Roosevelt Hospital was passed by the Legislature February 2, 1864, granting the corporation power to receive the legacy, and any others that might be added, to purchase and hold property free from taxation in carrying out the directions of the founder of the Institution. In 1868 a whole block of ground was purchased lying between Fifty-eighth and Fifty-ninth streets, Ninth and Tenth avenues, for the sum of $185,000.

From early life George T. Trimble was active in the management of the charities of the city. Retiring at a comparatively early age from the pursuits of business, in which he had accumulated a sufficient property, he devoted himself to a life of usefulness towards his fellow-men. He became a trustee of the Public School Society in 1818, and continued such until the schools of that society became in 1853 merged in those of the Board of Education, having for various periods served as treasurer and vice-president, and from 1847 to 1853 as president, of that society. For many years he was connected with and the president of the New York Dispensary, the first established of that useful class of charities now numerous in this city. In 1847 he became one of the governors of the Society of the New York Hospital, in 1850 its vice-president and in 1858 its president, and continued president until his decease; and for a long period he has been a prominent and influential member of the Society of Friends, with which he was all his life connected.

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James H. Roosevelt James H. Roosevelt James H. Roosevelt

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