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Jedidiah Huntington     $75.00
Jedidiah Huntington
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Jedidiah Huntington, was an American general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Jedidiah Huntington graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in 1763, and received his master's degree from Yale College in 1770. Entered his father's shipping business and became very successful. His military career began upon his commission as an ensign in Connectcut's colonial militia, and he rose to the rank of colonel by the time of hostilites with Britain.

During the American Revolution, he led the 20th Regiment of Connecticut Militia against the enemy at Long Island, King's Bridge, Northcastle, and Sidmun's Bridge. His forces were also present at Dorchester Heights, where the strong defenses resulted in the British Army and Royal Navy's evacuation of Boston in 1776. Commissioned a brigadier general in the Continental Army in 1777, upon the direct command of General George Washington. Huntington was present at the winter encampment of the American forces at Valley Forge in 1777. In 1780 he was assigned by General Washington to a board of senior officers investigating whether the captured British Major John Andre ought to be considered a prisoner-of-war or guilty of spying behind the American lines.

It was on Huntington's recommendation in 1783 that West Point, New York was chosen as the future site (1802) of the United States Military Academy. After the war Huntington served as treasurer of the State of Connecticut.  He was also chosen to be a delegate at Connecticut's convention to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

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