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Robert Lincoln     $15.00
Robert Lincoln
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Robert Todd Lincoln was first son of Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln.  He was the only one of Lincoln's four sons to live past his teenage years.  During the Civil War Robert Todd Lincoln joined the Union Army and was appointed to the rank of captain. His father did not want him sent to front line combat, so arrangements were made for Robert to become assistant adjutant general of volunteers on the staff of General Ulysses S. Grant. As a result Robert Lincoln was present when General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confderate army at the Appomattox Court House.

In 1877, Robert Todd Lincoln turned down President Rutherford B. Hayes' offer to appoint him Assistant Secretary of State.  However, he later accepted an appointment as Secretary of War by James Garfield.  Robert Lincoln gained notariety when he dispatched U.S soldiers to quell the famous Pullman Strike.  Robert Lincoln remained in the post under Garfield's replacement, Chester Arthur. Lincoln refused all attempts to nominate him as a presidential candidate. Lincoln became president of the Pullman Palace Car Company.

Robert Lincoln was interred in Arlington National Cemetery with his wife Mary and their son Jack.  The autograph of Robert Todd Lincoln is highly coveted by collectors of Lincoln memorabilia. This reproduction would look great in an album or display.


Robert Lincoln    

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