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Terence Powderly     $15.00
Terence Powderly
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Terence Powderly led the Knights of Labor.  Powderly is famous for his leadership of the Knights of Labor, the largest labor organization in America.  Powderly served as leader of this national labor union from 1879 until 1893.  Historians have questioned his ability to lead the Knights of Labor. However, his success in the Great Southwester Strike of 1885 against Jay Gould and his railroad was a major accomplishment.  Under Powederly's leasdeship the Knights of Labor grew to become to over 10,000 members.  Samuel Gompers, another labor leader, led a competitive organization known as American Federation of Labor.  In 1882, Powderly strick a deal with the Pope to remove sanctions imposed on Catholics who joined labor unions in exchange for removal of the words "The Holy and Noble Order of" from the name of the Knights of Labor.  After leaving the Knights of Labor in 1893, Powderly worked as an attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania where her served as mayor on three occasions.

Our check images shows the signature of Emma Frickenscher, Powderly's second wife, on the front. and Terence Powderly's endorsement on the back.  Your order consists of images of both sides of the check.  This Terence Powderly autograph check reproduction would look great in a display.

Terence Powderly Terence Powderly  

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