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Woodrow Wilson (2)     $15.00
Woodrow Wilson (2)
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Woodrow Wilson signed this check as President of the United States.  The check was countersigned by Bernard Baruch, Chairman of the War Industries Board. The check was not endorsed nor cashed or deposited.  The check bears a printed memo, "Object for which drawn: In acknowledgment of patriotic and valuable services given voluntarily to the United States in time of war." Woodrow Wilson appointed Bernard Baruch as chairman in 1918. Baruch (1870-1965) was already a highly successful stock trader and financier when Wilson asked him to reorganize the board, which had been established in July 1917 to help manage the efficient production of war material after the U.S. entered the First World War. The W.I.B. set production quotas and allocated raw materials as well as dealing with labor-management disputes. The W.I.B., like many of the emergency agencies established as the United States mobilized for war, were run by prominent business executives who became known as "dollar-a-year men", as they only took token salaries for their services - a requirement of all federal employees. (This term became a bit of a pop culture phenomenon resulting in songs and even a 1921 film of the same name starring Fatty Arbuckle!) Baruch and Wilson were longtime friends. Following the latter's stroke in 1919, Baruch purchased a townhouse for Wilson and his wife to live in, purchasing the all surrounding properties in order to protect the privacy of the ailing President. This check is the first issuance of a $1 check and represents the initiation of an expression synonymous with public service! A remarkable piece of history.

This Woodrwo Wilson autograph check reproduction would look great in an album or display.  The reproduction of the letter that accompanied this check may be purchased seperately.

  Woodrow Wilson (2)  

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